Attract Wealth With This Mint Cacao Smoothie

Nourish your heart chakra and attract prosperity to your life with the magical healing powers of this delicious smoothie!

Mint is known for its attributes in healing and attracting luck and prosperity. It’s also great for digestion, soothing inflammation, and cleansing the palate! I like to chew the leaves between meals to freshen the breath.

Cacao has been praised for its high vibrational energy for centuries. It used to be used as money in Mexico and is now know for its use in “Cacao Ceremonies.” This mystical bean is a magnet for wealth and prosperity while simultaneously (as it is most known for in the form of chocolate) bringing love and longevity to your life!

Bananas also play a role in heightening love, wealth, and spirituality. They have been praised since biblical times and continue to be one of the most popular fruits on earth. This abundant fruit is full of fiber and antioxidants, aids in digestion and weight loss, and can help regulate blood sugar levels.

You may also be wondering, “Why is your smoothie in a bowl?” It is absolutely vital to CHEW YOUR SMOOTHIES! Digestion starts in the mouth where important enzymes in your saliva mix with the food to break it down before it gets the the stomach. Putting my smoothies in a bowl helps me remember to slow down, chew, and be mindful with my meals. It also tastes better when I get to make it look pretty!
Mint Cacao Smoothie Recipe


4-6 Ripe spotty bananas

3 Sprigs of mint (just the leaves)

2 TBSP of cacao (or carob)

3 Dates

1/4 cup of water or mylk

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth (about 30 seconds to a minute). Either pour in a cup or bowl to add toppings!
If you try the recipe comment below and let me know what you think! Did you notice more prosperity entering your life after trying it? If nothing else, at least it’s yummy!
Thank you,


Staying Grounded

Life can get very hectic sometimes. Little things can easily pile up and seem much bigger than they are, hormones become out of balance, and emotions can cloud the ability to think straight. In a world where focus is heavily placed on moving forward, it’s important to take a step back and remember to be here now.

Can you recall a time when you weren’t thinking? You were perfectly at peace with everything and focused on what you were doing in the moment? When we practice grounding, moments like these become less spontaneous and more continuous with day to day life. By allowing ourselves to feel grounded we release stress and anxiety about the future and trust in something much bigger than us. It allows us to accept what can’t be changed and focus energy on what will be of service.

There are many ways you can ground yourself into the present moment, such as meditation, yoga, or spending time out in nature. You may have your own hobbies that make you feel grounded like painting, exercise, cooking, reading, or playing an instrument. Maybe you don’t have an activity that puts you “in the zone,” and it’s time to do a little self-exploration.

Sometimes it feels like there isn’t enough time to partake in your favorite grounding activities. If you’re in a situation where you need a “quick fix,” try this:

Sit or stand upright with feet hip width apart, firmly placed on the floor. Relax your hands on your thighs or let your arms fall at your sides. With eyes closed, begin taking deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the nose or mouth. Imagine roots growing out from your feet and reaching down into the earth. With each exhale, let all of your negative and stagnant energy flow away with the roots into the earth. As you inhale, imagine a white light coming in from above, filling you with warmth, calm, and energy to continue your day. You could even develop a mantra to say to yourself such as “I am calm,” “I am at peace,” “I am safe,” or anything else that resonates with you in that moment. This exercise can go for as long as you please, from 1 minute to 30 minutes or more. It may feel odd at first, but with some practice it will become second nature to do in times when you need a little boost. You will start feeling benefits quickly, if not immediately.

I hope this article will help you as much as the practice has helped me. What is your favorite way to stay grounded? Please leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you.

Thank you,


Feed Your Fire

“Accept yourself, love yourself, and keep moving forward. If you want to fly, you have to give up what weighs you down.”
― Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart

When I first met my ex, the energy was amazing. I could feel the uplifting energy as we connected and shared beliefs. As we began seeing each other more, I noticed that energy was less prominent. I started letting fear and insecurities suppress my energy, in turn suppressing the energy we shared. I was constantly over-thinking and stressed, trying to figure out the best way to invest my personal energy.

Is it bad to spend time with myself or friends when I haven’t seen him in a week because of work? Am I being “too much” right now? Am I giving enough? How can I make sure he knows I care? When am I going to make time for all of the other things I need to get done? All of these questions I carried with me constantly.

As a couple months passed and this continued I started falling further into this negativity. I lost touch with myself, my spirituality, and even my way of eating.

I recently had a day off work that I took to myself. I spent time getting to the root of all of these frustrations and stresses I have been burdening myself with and came upon this realization: I didn’t feel comfortable exploring myself because it didn’t line up with how he lived. In other words, I put myself and my passions on hold to make my relationship work.

This is all very personal, so you may be beginning to wonder why I’m telling you.

I aim to convey the importance of putting yourself first. You may be happy with something in the beginning, but that doesn’t mean it will make you happy forever. Things and others are temporary, but you are forever. If you aren’t happy with yourself, how can you ever be truly, consistently happy?

Here are some steps I have begun taking to build a stronger foundation in my sense of self:

  1. Release what no longer serves you.
    Is there anything you have been holding onto that you know deep down no longer serves benefit? Something that has been acting as a weight on your life?
  2. Release fear.
    Do what it is you know is right for you. Take a chance and fail. As long as you have your self and are doing what makes you happy, nothing is ever lost. Don’t worry about what others may think, either. Not everyone will agree with, or understand, your way of life, but that doesn’t mean it is wrong. Most people only comprehend what is within their own reality.
  3. Find what it is that truly excites you and chase it.
    What are the hobbies you have always been interested in but never pursued, or put on the back-burner? What activities leave you feeling better than you were before you started? What gives you a sense of purpose?
  4. Build a community of like-minded people who will support you.
    Being around people you love who love you back is so important to human nature. Did you know it reduces risk of diseases and ailments of the heart? Find a group of people who you feel comfortable to be yourself around. People you love and love you back that you can share a deep connection with.
  5. Take care of yourself.
    Last, yet most important, always put yourself first. Eat what makes you feel good (not just what satisfies cravings!), drink enough water, and create a self-care ritual you can indulge in at least once a week. Take care of your magnificent body! Love and nourish it.
    Get involved in a spiritual practice. If you aren’t religious it can be something like meditation or getting out in nature. Read/listen/watch things that inspire you. Sip on your favorite tea cozied up in a warm blanket by a fireplace. Find what makes you laugh and exercise those abs! Nourish your soul! I didn’t give this it’s own category because taking care of you body and soul are equally as important when it comes to self-care.

Treat yourself like you would anyone else you love. By loving yourself, you are opening that love to other people to be shared and experienced. Like a candle, the flame never goes out by lighting other candles. Feed your inner fire.


Thank you,

Danielle x

Live your Truth

When is the last time you lied? How did it make you feel after?

Did the person you lied to find out? How did they feel after?

Lying has become a natural part of everyday life for a lot of people. Whether it’s a constant stream of lies, big and small, or the little white lie from time to time.

No matter the form it comes in, lying will do nothing but harm. It puts an individual in a place of cognitive dissonance; holding two or more beliefs at once. This puts stress on the brain and inevitably, the body.

When we lie, that negative energy sends stress signals to the brain and gets stored as tension within the body. This causes headaches, trouble sleeping, muscle tension, and even sore throats as our vishuddhi (throat chakra) becomes closed off.

When the vishuddhi is blocked, it prevents an individual from expressing what they think and feel. This also blocks the flow of energy from the chakras below it, keeping one from expressing love for others and themselves. It also blocks the natural flow of giving, accepting, and receiving in all aspects of life.

Lying puts the liar in a cage, holding them back from living their personal truth. Have you ever lied about yourself out of fear of what others would think? How was your relationship with those people? When someone doesn’t speak their truth from the heart, it harms the relationships with those around them. It can even distance one from themselves, as they put themselves in categories and labels, limiting full potential.

Choosing to always speak the truth is vital to living an abundant, happy life. It will deepen relationships with others and with oneself. Doesn’t it feel amazing to express yourself fully, free of shameful feeling? You deserve to live that way all the time!

Start by addressing why it is you may lie. What situations are you in when lying occurs most often? Are there individuals you lie to more than others? Are there parts of yourself you hide through lies?

When you begin to break down why it is you may lie, you open up the floodgates to a life of self-love and living up to your fullest potential. Whatever it may be that causes you to lie: accept it, change it, or release it if it no longer serves you! Be you fully with no regrets, regardless of what people think. If you aren’t satisfied with your pumpkin spice latte, tell the barista! If you just got your first boyfriend/girlfriend but are afraid what your parents will think, tell them! They’ll find out eventually and will appreciate you telling the truth. Are you actual 45 instead of 25? Let the world know how many years, good or bad, you have made it through and how many more you will live being unregretfully you!

You deserve to live your best life. You deserve to love yourself and the environment you surround yourself with. Start letting that loving energy flow and live to your fullest truth.

“The real things haven’t changed. It is still best to be honest and truthful; to make the most of what we have; to be happy with simple pleasures; and have courage when things go wrong.”
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or comments feel free to post them below!

Danielle x

Why are you really eating?

I’ve always struggled with overeating. As a child it was the average sugar addiction, or having family tell me I must eat all of my food before leaving the table. Growing up, I attributed the habit to everything tasting too amazing to stop eating, “treat yo self,” and health issues, such as depression and lack of proper nutrition.

Through this past year I have cleaned up my act considerably (always room for improvement!) yet, overeating has still followed me. With all of the surface layers of unhealthy habits and mindsets shed, I have come to realize the core reason to attribute to this habit. Stress.

It seemed silly I couldn’t realize this sooner, especially since it is a widespread problem for many people. That is why there is an entire type of cuisine called “comfort food” after all. Nonetheless, I am grateful it has come into my attention, so I can understand and work past it.

Sitting down for a meal forces me to momentarily forget what was happening and focus on what I am doing (eating). As I have learned to eat mindfully, the act of sitting for a meal has become a meditation that I quickly, and subconsciously, learned to abuse.

Now that I am aware of this poor habit, I will work to overcome it using these two simple steps:

  1. Drink water 30 minutes before an intended meal.

This allows enough time to allow cravings to pass and settle my digestive system in case I decide I am still hungry after.

  1. Meditate for at least 10 minutes before a meal

To settle the mind and check in with the body to make sure I am truly hungry, and not craving something to suppress emotions.
Have any of you experienced this situation, or are currently working through it? Leave a comment below! I would love to hear from you.


Thank you,


Let’s Talk About Poop

If you’re anything like me, then nothing upsets you more than not being able to poop.

Imagine: You’ve gone a day or two…. Or three…. Without pooping. As more time passes and the more you eat, the more tired and irritable you find yourself. Finally the time comes when you get to go to the bathroom and release the load. Ahhhh, that release felt so good it makes you high for a moment. You’re relieved, filled with more energy and… ready to eat more. The cycle starts again, but you just can’t figure out why you feel like shit all the time. It might be because you’re holding onto so much!

My whole life I have dealt with digestive troubles, and especially, trouble going poop. For a long time I was going maybe once or twice a week. I was bloated, lazy, and in a bad mood around the clock. This went on up until the time I cut meat and dairy out of my diet. Even still, I wasn’t going poop as regularly as one should.

Recently I began paying more attention to how often I use the restroom in comparison to how much, and what, I have been eating. When I eat more, I poop less; no matter how healthy or fibrous my meal may have been. This is especially true if I spent the day mostly sedentary.

The human stomach, on average, is only .94 L, or a quarter gallon, in size. It is true that it can stretch and accommodate, but that doesn’t mean you should stuff it to maximum capacity. I’m not trying to tell you to starve yourself, if you’re truly hungry then by all means, eat! What I am aiming at though is that you should be mindful when you sit down for a meal, and tune into your bodies signals.

The digestive system is sensitive. Just as you need to take time to rest, so does your digestion. There are little things you can incorporate into your day-to-day life to give your tummy a break, and allow your system to ease its way back to normal. Below are some tips on how to slow down and make it a bit easier to follow intuition at meal times.

Skip Those Last Few Bites if You Already Know You’re Going to Pay For It.

Ever eat a meal that tastes so good you just have to eat all of it, but two-thirds of the way through you’re thinking about how bad your tummy will hurt if you finish the last bite? Just stop. Save yourself the pain. If you find yourself hungry again a while later, have at it.

Eat Slower to Allow Your Stomach Time to Say “I’m Full!” to the Brain.

This will also prevent the dreaded habit of over-eating. It takes approx. 30 minutes to tell when you’re satisfied enough to stop eating. Take your time with your food. Savor, enjoy, and experience it. When you stop rushing to eat and limit distractions at meal times, it becomes a lot easier to eat until you’re satisfied rather than stuffed.

Start with Smaller Portion Sizes to Prevent Over-Eating.

If you’ve waited a few minutes and are still hungry, have another small portion. It’s not about starving yourself, but pacing yourself.
If You Aren’t Hungry, Don’t Eat!

For a long time I would eat simply because it was breakfast/lunch/dinner time. As I’ve taken time to wait for my body to tell me if it’s hungry or not I’ve noticed myself eating less and retaining more energy. This also gives your body more time to clear out the last meal and prep itself for the next.
Differentiate Cravings from Real Hunger.

If you find yourself unable to tell if your hunger is real or a product of wanting that piece of chocolate because it just looks soooo good… take 10. Focus on breathing for a bit and if you still find that your tummy is demanding fuel after 10 minutes, listen and proceed to munching.

Minimize Intestinal Traffic

If you know it has been awhile since you have gone to the bathroom, take a break. Focus on drinking water and small snacks (if you absolutely need something to eat) like prunes or raisins to allow your digestions current residents to move out.

Drink More Water.

A no brainer. If you’re dehydrated, so is your colon. Imagine going down a water slide without the water. Think it would work as well?

Eat More Insoluble Fiber.

This is what is going to bulk and push out your load. Think prunes, raisins, flax seeds, apples, oats, and blackberries. It’s also a good idea to end your day with some vegetables to act as a broom, and clean up those intestines. Try a simple salad of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and cucumbers.

For a dressing try:

  • ½ Avocado
  • 1 TBSP Coconut Aminos
  • 1 TBSP Lemon Juice
  • 4 TBSP Hemp Seeds

Blend and add water to desired consistency. Keep in mind you don’t have to use it all!

Skip the Breakfast Bagel, Try a Green Juice.

Getting in the habit of a daily green juice is a fantastic way to flood the body with the nutrition it needs to function. They quickly absorb into the body, detoxify, alkalize, and aid in natural weight loss.

How You Feel Emotionally is Held in Your Body.

If you’re always stressed, anxious, or tense you will feel it in your body. When I stop taking time for myself to rest and recuperate, I find myself getting constipated. Then I stress because I’m constipated! Trust that your body knows what it’s doing. Take time for yourself. Your body, and your sanity, will appreciate it! Try meditating, a warm bath, a facial, or simply lay out on the couch and hum along to your favorite chill tune.


When the body is working harmoniously, your mind soon follows. You only have one body! Take good care of it and it will take care of you.

Want more articles like this? Be sure to comment below!

Thank you for reading,


Morning Routine

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love—then make that day count!”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Welcome to my first post!

Seeing as we are still getting to know each other, I thought a great way to give you some insight into the life of the blogger would be to share my morning routine!

Creating a morning routine has helped relieve a lot of stress, allowing me to set an intention for the rest of the day and really focus on goals.

I don’t live by the clock. I find when I focus on what time it is, stress over having enough time. When I focus less on time, everything still gets done with minimal useless worrying.

On that note, let’s get started!


I wake up around 5-6 A.M. When I was younger I would sleep in until 2 PM and gradually worked my way down by hour, until I got to where I am now. I wake up feeling energized and ready to get things done in all of the time I have before work!


Before anything, I drink 8-16 OZ of distilled water to flush out toxins. Sometimes I will throw in the juice of half a lemon to give it an extra detoxifying kick.


After I am good and hydrated, I like to head outside with my yoga mat to begin calisthenics training and (my favorite) yoga. I recently got started with body-weight training, so my workout still consists of doing slow, controlled push-ups, sit-ups, and squats. My yoga routine is a flow I have put together myself to help target the parts of my body I want to work on the most, and to get a good stretch that will have me limber and pain-free for the rest of the day.


This practice often lasts for 15-30 minutes. I have an app called “Stop, Breath, & Think” that is filled with tons of helpful guided meditations. I often use the Self-Meditation Timer option, set to however long I plan to meditate that day. It uses a soft gong sound at the beginning, middle, and end of the meditation to keep you present and mindful throughout the practice.

When I take this time for myself, I notice a vast difference in my mood, how I think, execute tasks, and even interact with those around me. My mind and heart is open, I don’t worry about what time it is, and I am much more aware of what I’m doing and what is going on around me. I also feel much more connected to my higher self and the oneness of everything. It truly gives the feeling of “high on life!” When I skip this step, I am often easily irritable, stress myself out, and sometimes get a bit rude to the people I love in my life.


Sometimes I will do this step before I start my work out since my dog can be quite restless in the morning. We go for a brisk walk with intervals of running for approximately 20-30 minutes. A morning walk helps clear the mind and provide steady energy for the rest of the day. If you go for morning walks, try to seek out areas in nature where the air is fresher and filled with negative ions. Before I go on to make my smoothie, I take a shower after all the physical activity. It usually only lasts around 10 minutes for the whole process. I might do a post in the future on my whole beauty routine and products I use, so keep an eye out for that!


I’m pretty hungry by the time I get back from my walk, so this is the time I make a breakfast smoothie packed with yummy nutrients. I normally throw in whatever fruits and veggies I got from the farmers market with some coconut water and soaked chia seeds. I pour it in a bowl so I can add toppings: My favorites are coconut flakes, hemp seeds, and berries. I try not to do much while I eat other than focusing on eating itself. When food is ate mindfully, it not only enhances the flavor, but leaves one feeling satisfied for longer and aids digestion.


While I let my tummy settle, I like to set a timer (20 minutes minimum) and start focusing on things I want to get done. This includes writing articles, and enjoying hobbies that could potentially help me reach bigger goals in the future. I often get too immersed in the future, forgetting what it is that I could do right now. This time is highly beneficial for staying present and motivated.


Before I start making lunch, I try to clean around the house, do laundry, or go to the farmers market if need be. Once that is out of the way, I often just throw together what I have in my fridge. My favorite go-to lunches are either a fattoush-inspired salad I created or veggie sushi rolls (keep an eye out for recipes!) Once all that is out of the way, this is typically when I am off to work or continuing the rest of my day doing more productive things.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this article!

Be sure to comment below and tell me what you think!

Keep coming back to see what else this blog will have in store! I look forward to continuing this journey with you.

Dandy x